Who can join the initiative?

We recognize the importance of developing and sustaining strategic partnerships.

We continue to welcome and strengthen partnerships with a variety of stakeholders ranging
from small community support groups, individual human rights defenders, other non-state actors,
the private businesses, government institutions and intergovernmental institutions.

What is the benefits?

Joining this initiative will provide you with a platform to contribute to the collective initiative of improving the lives of individuals that are indigent and that are subjected to laws and regulations targeting them as a special group.

Also, this engagement will provide cost sharing initiatives, mitigation of loses, and development of a larger capital base.

More importantly, the taskforce aims to identify substantive laws and delegated legislation on petty offenses that result in the abuse of the human rights in their enforcement. This in-depth legal analysis will be used to complement the advocacy of the Civil Society Organization Task Force on Petty Offences while leveraging on the ongoing reform agenda in the country to main stream the decriminalization of petty offences as a critical issue for reform.


How To Join?

Step 1: Contact Us

Write to any of the members of the Petty Offences taskforce.

Step 2: Provide required information

Provide any requested information. This will provide a background on the scope of your work and your contribution to the initiative.

Step 3: Memorandum of Understanding

Enter into an agreement with the other members of the taskforce regarding your role in the initiative.

Step 4: Play your Role

Play your role in teamwork with other partners.

Are You an Organization?

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can prompt change and save many lives.

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An individual?

Become a part of our family. Together, we
can prompt change and save many lives.

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